Webinar on supervision in the COVID-19 context

by Theresa Rogers, Associate Dean, Faculty and Program Development

On May 26, 2020, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (UBCV) and the College of Graduate Studies (UBCO) co-hosted a webinar entitled “Supervision in the COVID-19 Context” led by Theresa Rogers, Associate Dean, G+PS, and Jennifer Jakobi, Dean Pro Tem, COGS,

We were joined by Rehana Bachhus, Director of Student Academic Services and Jacqui Brinkman, Director of Graduate Student Development (UBCV) and Lisa Shearer, Ethics Office (UBCO).

In the webinar, we focused on three key areas (see Videos 1-3):

Video 1: Revisiting Supervision Principles and Expectations

(including resources for graduate student wellbeing) 

Video 2: Reframing our Supervisory Approaches

Video 3: Pivoting and Pausing Research with Graduate Students

(including an update on research curtailment, examples, resources for methodologies and professional development, and ethics considerations)

Participants engaged through polls, comments and questions, and shared some of their innovative solutions to continuing their research during the pandemic.

Please also see the link below to our PowerPoint slides for all three videos, which include participant poll results and links to resources mentioned.