Applying to Graduate

Every candidate for a degree must make formal application for graduation. Students apply through the Student Service Centre (SSC). Please check the Deadlines section of this website to find out when the Application to Graduate is open.

Graduate students should contact their programs for completion deadlines, or check the Deadlines section of this website.

If your application to graduate is not approved, then you must re-apply for the next graduation season.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students must also complete a 350-character doctoral citation. For details and information on how to submit this, please see Doctoral Citations for Graduation.

Completing degree requirements at another institution?

If you are on exchange or completing UBC degree requirements at another institution, applications for graduation received by the deadline will be considered for the next graduation ceremony.

Not attending the graduation ceremony?

You must apply to graduate regardless of whether or not you plan to participate in the scheduled ceremonies.