Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Cheifetz, Rona Surgical oncology; Education
Chung, Stephen Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, transplantation, transplant immunology
Davis, Noelle cancer surgery and surgical oncology, Surgical oncology, Head and neck cancer
Fradet, Guy Blood Flow and Transfusions, Cardiovascular Diseases, Political and Administrative Organization, Change Management (Structural, Technological and Cultural), Health Information Systems, Health Policies, Resource Allocation, Leadership, Evaluation, Analysis and Project Management
Honey, Christopher Richard Neurosurgery, deep brain stimulation, trigeminal neuralgia, menifacial spasm, movement disorders, mood, pain
Hsiang, York Photodynamic therapy, intimal hyperplasia, arterial restenosis and remodelling, endovascular surgery, research, education
Jia, William Wei-Guo Brain tumour, Oncolytic virotherapy, Virus mediated genetherapy, Degenerative neurological diseases, Drug discovery from natural products, neurosurgery
Kieffer, Tim Diabetes
Levings, Megan Immune homeostasis
Meloche, Mark Transplantation, general surgery
Mui, Alice Inflammatory Signalling Pathways
Ong, Christopher
Phang, P Terence Colorectal cancer surgery, clinical research, diagnostic imaging, laparoscopy, sphicter-preserving resection, transanal microsurgery, medical education
Pickles, Thomas Radiation Oncology and Developmental Radiotherapeutics
Qayumi, Abdul Karim Device development and testing; Long-term survival of donor organs; Interactive teaching program development
Redekop, Gary Clinical trials in stroke and cerebrovascular disease, neurosurgery
Scudamore, Charles Pancreas, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, transplantation
Sidhu, Ravinder Vascular surgery, Medical education research, Postgraduate assessment and evaluation
Skarsgard, Erik Fetal surgery, Chest wall disorders in children, birth defects, neonatal surgical outcomes, perinatal networks, prenatal diagnosis and intrauerine surgery
Steinbok, Paul Cerebral Palsy, Outcomes of interventions in treatment of children with spastic cerebral palsy, Assessment of infants with occipital plagiocephaly, pediatric neurosurgery, craniosynostosis treatment, epilepsy surgery, tethered cord, Chairi malformation , brain tumours
Taylor, David Noninvasive vascular diagnosis, Endovascular therapy, Athletic injury
Webber, Eric Pediatric surgery, Surgical education, post-graduate medical education, pediatric gastric surgery, delivery of healthcare services, hepatology
Wiseman, Sam Michael Surgical oncology, endocrine surgeyr, general surgery, clinic/translational research, education/teaching
Yee, John Lung transplantation, thoracic oncology, pulmonary surgery