Sociology has specialization in the following core areas of study:

  • Environment, community, and social movements;
  • Family and the life course;
  • Gender and sexuality;
  • Health and healthcare;
  • Knowledge, culture, and power;
  • Race, ethnicity, and immigration; and
  • Work, economy, and globalization.



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Faculty Members in Sociology

Name Research Interests
Abrutyn, Seth Social theory; Sociology and social studies of health, health systems and health care; Sociological Theory; Youth Suicide; Sociology of Emotion; Culture; Medical/Mental Health; Institutions/Organizations
Berdahl, Jennifer Ostracism, Harassment and Bullying, Gender and Diversity in Organizations, Power and Status in Groups, Harassment, Work-Family Interface
Cheong, Amanda Sociology; migration; Citizenship and Legal Status; Statelessness
Childress, Clayton Cultural Production, Reception, and Meaning Making, Taste, Decision Making, Inequality, Organizations, Markets
Corrigall-Brown, Catherine Sociology; social movements; identity; political sociology; social psychology
Fu, Qiang a multidisciplinary perspective on institutional changes, social networks and mental health over the urban space; comparative and temporal analysis of civic engagement and identity; child and youth well-being (e.g., obesity and school bullying); developing
Fuller, Sylvia precarious employment; inequality; work; gender and work; immigration, Work and Labour, Inequality, Gender, Economic Sociology, Social Policy, Welfare state restructuring
Ghaziani, Amin Sociology; Sexualities / LGBTQ studies / Queer studies; Urban sociology; culture / cultural sociology; nightlife
Hanser, Amy Work and employment; gender; consumption/consumerism; contemporary Chinese society, Culture and markets, inequality, gender, consumption, service work, China
Hirsh, Elizabeth Sociology; Law; Structures and Organization; Inequality, Gender and Race Discrimination, Work Organizations, Law
Huyser, Kimberly
Johnson, Phyllis Allocation of financial and human resources by families coping with stressful circumstances, including immigration and resettlement, family separation, unemployment, and conflicts between work and family responsibilities
Jorgenson, Andrew Sociology and related studies; Environment and Community; sociology of health; environmental sociology; global political economy; sociology of development
Karimi, Aryan Sociology; migration and refugee flows; role of ethnic and racial boundaries in assimilation practices; lived experiences of racialized refugee and diasporic communities
Kennedy, Emily Sociology; Environment and Society; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Gender; social class; Sustainable consumption
Lauer, Sean Urban sociology and community studies
Lauster, Nathanael Population, Housing, Urban Studies, Crowding, Home & Housing, Technology & Environment, City Building & Regulation, Family, Demography, Health
Maghbouleh, Neda Migration, Race, and Identity; Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) communities; race; Racialization; Im/migration; identity
Mawani, Renisa Sociology; Colonial Legal History; critical theory; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Race and Racism; Time and Temporality
Nelson, Laura Social movements, culture, gender, and organizations and institutions, Processes around the formation of collective identities, Social movement strategy in feminist and environmental movements, Continuities between cycles of activism and the role of place in shaping social movement activity, Intersectionality in U.S. women’s movements, Coverage of social movements in news media over time, Ways in which history is recorded and remembered, Gender inequality in startups and entrepreneurship
Qian, Yue Sociology; family; Gender Relationship; Migrations, Populations, Cultural Exchanges; Demography; Family Studies; Gender Studies; sociology
Raker, Ethan Social stratification, Medical sociology, Environmental sociology, Relationship between climate change and inequalities in human health and community well-being
Richardson, Lindsey Sociology of health and illness, substance use, HIV/AIDS, urban health, sociology of work and economic life, health disparities
Silva, Tony
Stecklov, Guy Family and household demographic studies; Fertility; Migration; Mortality; Demography; Studies of Canadian society; Demographic behavior; Historical social change; Demographic Change in Sub-Saharan Africa; Migration and assimilation; Population and Development; Research and survey methodology
Tindall, David environmental movement, social movements, environmental protest, social protest, social networks, social aspects of climate change, Aboriginal protest about natural resources and environmental issues, social surveys, polling, environmental politics, environmental attitudes, environmental values, opinion about the environment, protest about pipelines, protest about oil sands, protest about tar sands, wilderness, wilderness preservation, use of social media in social protest, use of social media in social movements, social media and social networks, social aspects of forestry, climate change policy, news media, social psychology of environmental issues, Envionmental sociology, social research methods, aboriginal forestry, social science
Veenstra, Gerry Sociology and social studies of health, health systems and health care; Health equity; Sociology, n.e.c.; social determinants of health; Socioeconomic status and health; racial health inequalities; Bourdieusian field theory, lifestyle practices and health; culture and class; Quantitative Methods; Sociology of soccer
Wilkes, Rima protest, media and First Nations, media and racism, immigration, Collective Action by Indigenous Nations, Media and social movements, Public Opinion, Immigration, Trust
Yodanis, Carrie Family, Marriage, Statistics

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