Social Studies Education

Social Studies Education offers a wide range of backgrounds and interests including visual culture, anti-oppressive education, gender studies, historical consciousness, moral education, and the history and politics of curriculum.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Clark, Penney history education, Curriculum Studies Research, History Education and Historical Consciousness, History of Education, Pedagogy, Social Studies Education Research
Gibson, Lindsay assessment, Curriculum Studies Research, Democracy and Citizenship, History Education, Historical Consciousness, history of education, Pedagogy, Social Studies Education Research, Teacher Education Research, Teacher Research, Historical Thinking, Inquiry
Keenan, Harper Educational Context, Teacher Education, Gender, race, sexuality, Colonialism, early childhood and elementary education
Loutzenheiser, Lisa Educational Context, Sexuality, Gender Epidemiology, Social Contexts, Teacher Education, Ideology and Social Policy, Epistemology and Methodology, Thought Schools (education), anti-oppressive education, queer studies, curriculum theory, Youth Studies, curriculum policy, qualitative methodologies, ethnography, Gender Studies, social inequality, sexuality education, alternative education, marginalized youth, LGBT2SQ, Race Studies in Education
Ross, E. Wayne Political Contexts, Social Contexts, Educational Approaches, Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Social Studies Education, Social Justice in Education