Oceanographers investigate both fundamental and applied problems relating to the physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and geology of the sea, often working across traditional academic disciplines. Research carried out both independently and in collaboration with federal government laboratories occurs in many different oceanographic regimes, including coastal BC fjords, the inland sea of the Strait of Georgia, open ocean regions of the Subarctic Pacific, and many other locations, including the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. The types of problems that can be studied include fundamental questions about the flow of stratified fluids at scales ranging from tens of meters to thousands of kilometers, applied research in estuaries, coastal, and deep-ocean processes, general ocean circulation and climate change issues, marine chemistry, geochemistry, and biogeochemistry, natural product chemistry, marine viruses, fisheries oceanography, plankton ecology and physiology, and primary production of the sea.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Allen, Susan Elizabeth Oceans and Inland Waters; Prediction and Climatic Modeling; physical oceanography; coastal oceanography; forecast models; coupled bio-physics and chem-physics and all three models
Andersen, Raymond Chemicals produced by marine organisms
Crowe, Sean Geobiology, biogeochemistry, microbial evolution
Francois, Roger Marine Geochemistry, Climate Change
Hunt, Brian Marine ecology (including marine ichthyology); Biological oceanography; marine food webs; ecosystem oceanography; plankton dynamics; open ocean; Coastal Ecosystems; climate change impacts on the ocean; salmon ecology; food web nutrition; microplastics; stable isotopes; forage fish; zooplankton
Maldonado, Maite Phytoplankton Trace Metal Physiology
Orians, Kristin Chemical Oceanography, Trace metals in seawater
Pakhomov, Yevhenii Feeding ecophysiology of aquatic invertebrates and fishes, Antarctic ecology, Antarctic krill biology, Tunicate biology, Fishery ecology, Stable isotope ecology
Pawlowicz, Richard Oceans and Inland Waters; ocean physics; properties of seawater; geophysical fluid dynamics; Nonlinear waves
Suttle, Curtis Marine Environment; Microbial Diversity; Marine Microbiology; Environmental Virology; Biological Oceanography; Viral Discovery; Viruses; Phage
Tortell, Philippe Biological / Chemical Oceanography, Climate-active Trace Gases, Primary Productvity, Polar Marine Ecosystems
Waterman, Stephanie Ocean dynamics, Scale interactions, Oceanic processes, Arctic oceanography, Southern ocean dynamics, Western boundary current jets, Geophysical fluid dynamics, jets, eddies & scale interactions