Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

The program's major research themes include acoustics, noise and vibration; exposure assessment; analytical methods development using immunological, biological, chemical and microsensor methods; occupational and environmental epidemiology; and risk assessment and translation of research to policy.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Bartlett, Karen Hastings Indoor air quality, bioaerosol exposures in work and community environments, particularly in rural or agricultural settings
Brauer, Michael Environmental Health, Community Health / Public Health, air pollution, built environment, environmental epidemiology, remote sensing, healthy cities
Davies, Hugh William Occupational Safety and Health, Community Health / Public Health, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Exposure Assessment, Noise and Health, Antineoplastic drug hazards
Frank, Lawrence health and environmental impacts of transportation and urban planning (land use) decisions. transportation, transit, public health, sustainability, sprawl, neighbourhood walkability, physical activity, urban planning, Sustainable transportation
Koehoorn, Mieke Occupational health, injury, compensation policies, Worksafe BC, Gender Work and Health
McLeod, Christopher occupational heath and the social epidemiology of the working life course.
Poon, Brenda Population-level early identification and early intervention for children with special needs; Complex systems of coordinated service delivery and supports; Family-centered services; Integrated child health information systems; Community-based research regarding social determinants of children
Weinberger, Kate Rebecca Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Community Health / Public Health, environmental epidemiology, Extreme weather events, climate change, Heat waves, Aeroallergens
Yassi, Annalee occupational health, health of health workers, international health, global health, community-based research, capacity building, Latin America, evidence-based best practices, workplace injury and illness prevention, HIV and TB prevention and care for health workers, South Africa