Modern Languages Education

Modern Language Education (MLED) examines the social, linguistic, educational, cognitive, cultural, and political processes affecting the teaching, learning, assessment, and use of languages other than English, whether learned as a first, second/additional, or heritage language. The program faculty have special expertise in MLED teaching methods, language assessment, bilingualism, French as a Second Language, French immersion education, multilingual literacies, Asia-Pacific languages in education, heritage language education, technology in language education, language policy, and research on classroom teaching/learning of modern languages.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Bournot-Trites, Monique Bilingualism and Multilingualism; Teaching and Learning Systems; bilingualism; French immersion; Language Assessment; Intercultural communication; reading
Duff, Patricia Adolescent Issues; Adult Education Issues; English as a Second Language; French and Second Languages; International Perspectives; language education; Literacy; Multiple Literacies
Kubota, Ryuko Language Rights and Policies; language education; multicultural education; culture and language; race and language teaching; language ideologies; critical applied linguistics
Wernicke-Heinrichs, Meike Intercultural Education; Language Planning and Policy; Multi-/Plurilingualism; Second Language Education (French); teacher education