Asian Studies

Asian Studies encompasses Chinese, Japanese, Korean, East Asian Buddhism, and South Asian culture, including literature, visual and popular culture, linguistics, pre-modern history, religion, and philosophy.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Ahmed, Rumee Islamic studies, Islam, Muslims, Religion, Law, Theology, ethics, Philosophy
Bailey, C. D. Alison pre-modern literature, fiction and literary criticism
Baker, Donald Leslie
Chen, Jinhua
Chiu-Duke, Josephine History of Major Eras, Great Civilisations or Geographical Corpuses, Chinese and Taiwanese history, political thought and institutions, liberal democracy
Duffy, Kay Jane Literary or Artistic Works Analysis, Literary or Artistic Work Dissemination or Reception Contexts, Social Determinants of Arts and Letters, Arts and Cultural Traditions, Premodern Chinese Literature, Early Medieval China, Sinographic Sphere
Fulton, Bruce Literary translation, Modern Korean fiction, women
Hur, Nam-Lin Japanese, cultural foundations, religion, international relations
King, Ross
Laffin, Christina Humanities and the arts, premodern Japanese literature, medieval Japanese history, women's writing, Japanese women's history, travel writing, autobiography, Japanese poetry, Literacy, socialization, wet nursing, narratology
Laird, Colleen Japanese media and gender studies, Gendered image production, gendered reception, and women in industry, Video games, new media, streaming media, animation (anime), and comics (manga), Paratexts: distribution, exhibition, and production materials, Film theory, genre theory, transnational cinemas and star texts, and feminist and queer theory
Li, Duanduan
Lynn, Hyung Gu Asian history, popular culture, migration, colonialism, globalization, development
Main, Jessica
Mostow, Joshua Scott
Murphy, Anne Arts and Cultural Traditions, Religion, Literary or Artistic Work Analysis, Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies, cultural history, Early Modern Studies, Punjabi Studies, South Asian Studies
Naqvi, Naveena Persianate world, Non-courtly Persographic writers in regional contexts during early colonial rule, History of early modern and modern South Asia, History of political Islam, gender and sexuality, Hindustani music
Nosco, Peter 17th-18th century Japan construction of individuality and individual identity during the early modern Tokugawa period
Oberoi, Harjot Singh South asia, how classical empires shaped the British Raj in India, critical theory, the formation of private libraries, law and society, transnational cultures, and complex systems
Orbaugh, Sharalyn
Rea, Christopher Modern Chinese literature and cinema since the 19th century, Chinese cartoons and visual culture, Chinese print and popular culture, Chinese internet culture, humour and satire, Taiwan, Chinese culture, modern Chinese history, translation
Rusk, Bruce Literary or Artistic Work Analysis, Social Determinants of Arts and Letters, Arts and Cultural Traditions, Exegesis and Sacred Text Critics, Lexicography and Dictionaries, Early Modern China, Confucianism, Authentication Studies
Sathaye, Adheesh early medieval Sanskrit drama, aesthetics, and narrative literature; Sanskrit epics, Marathi devotional performance traditions, and theories of textual production, performance, and folkloristics; South Asian folklore, narrative theory, and cultural studies
Shakya, Tsering
Shin, Leo Later imperial China
Siddiqui, Hasan Zahid
Slingerland, Edward Asian Studies, Chinese philosophy, philosophy, religion, religion and conflict, secularism, spontaneity, ethics, science-humanities integration, interdisciplinarity, interdisciplinary research, Chinese thought, religious studies (comparative religion, cognitive science and evolution of religion), cognitive linguistics (blending and conceptual metaphor theory), ethics (virtue ethics, moral psychology), evolutionary psychology, the relationship between the humanities and the natural sciences, and the classical Chinese language
Thobani, Sunera Critical race, postcolonial and feminist theory
Yang, Renren Comparitive Literature, Modern Chinese Popular Culture, 20th-and 21st-century Chinese culture, Modern Chinese literature, Modern Chinese cinema, Literary and media analysis, Literary celebrity and social media, Time-travel imagination in East Asia, Surveillance narrative and cinema, Communication in the age of digital culture
Yi, Christina Modern/Contemporary Japanese literature, Postcoloniality, Language politics, Linguistic nationalism, National identity, genre, Cultural Studies, “Repatriation literature” (hikiage bungaku), Japanese colonial repatriates, Resident Koreans, “returned” Nikkei


Peder Gedda

Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Studies (PhD)

Lizhen Wang

Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Studies (PhD)