Applied Animal Biology

Applied Animal Biology offers opportunities for advanced study and research in animal physiology, behaviour, welfare, and management of livestock, aquaculture, and wildlife species.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Brar, Gurcharn Cereal pathology (wheat and barley in particular); Genetics of host-pathogen interactions - disease resistance in crop plants; Resistance breeding; Plant imaging; Fungal biology; Population genetics and genomics; Functional pathogenomics
Cerri, Ronaldo Animal Reproduction; Animal Production; Agricultural Machinery and Technology; Endocrine Regulation; Biotechnology and Activity monitors; Dairy cattle reproduction; Endometrium-conceptus cross communication; Production medicine in dairy cattle; Estrous cycle physiology in cattle; Inflammation and stress
Farrell, Anthony Angiogenesis
Fraser, David Welfare of animals on farms, animal ethics, animal behaviour, Animal welfare, innovations in animal housing and management, practical and cultural dimensions of applying ethics to animal issues
Knipfer, Thorsten
Protopopova, Alexandra Animal; Community Health / Public Health; rabbit; dog; cat; animal shelter; Animal behaviour; Animal welfare; community initiatives; climate change and pet ownership; cultural differences in human-companion animal relationships; free-ranging dogs; one health
Von Keyserlingk, Marina animal welfare,  ethics of animal use,  farm animals, dairy cattle welfare, Animal Welfare Behavior, housing and management and how these contribute to animal health and welfare of dairy cattle
Weary, Daniel Animal welfare, dairy cow, acoustic communication and vocal behavior in wild birds and mammals how vocal and other behaviors can provide us with information about an animal


Erin Ryan

Master of Science in Applied Animal Biology (MSc)

Anna Ratuski

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Animal Biology (PhD)