Peter A. Allard School of Law

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Peter A. Allard School of Law Faculty
LLM - Master of Laws (Common Law) (LLMCL) Program
LLM in Taxation (LLMT) Program
LLM - Master of Laws (LLM) Program
Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD) Program
Camden Hutchison Researcher
Efrat Arbel Researcher
Isabel Grant Researcher
Jie Cheng Researcher
Regine Tremblay Researcher
Dennis Pavlich Researcher
Bruce MacDougall Researcher
Maziar Peihani Researcher
Catherine Dauvergne Researcher
Bethany Hastie Researcher
James Stewart Researcher
Karin Mickelson Researcher
Carol Liao Researcher
Mary Anne Bobinski Researcher
Wei Cui Researcher
Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond Researcher
Anthony Sheppard Researcher
Elizabeth Edinger Researcher
Douglas Harris Researcher
Graham Reynolds Researcher
Cristie Ford Researcher
Sara Ghebremusse Researcher
Debra Parkes Researcher
Margot Young Researcher
Emma Cunliffe Researcher
Benjamin Goold Researcher
Jocelyn Stacey Researcher
Marcus Moore Researcher
Toby Goldbach Researcher
Gordon Christie Researcher
Janis Sarra Researcher
Julen Etxabe Researcher
Li-Wen Lin Researcher
John Wood Researcher
Shigenori Matsui Researcher
Benjamin Perrin Researcher
Erez Aloni Researcher
Janine Benedet Researcher
Ljiljana Biukovic Researcher
Pitman Benjamin Potter Researcher
Darlene Johnston Researcher
Sara Ross Researcher
Michelle LeBaron Researcher
Natasha Affolder Researcher
Galit Sarfaty Researcher