Rafiuzzaman Mohammad

Mohammad Rafiuzzaman, International Doctoral Fellow
Towards an adaptive, robust and efficient resource allocation system for highly dynamic resource constrained IoT environment.

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

I decided to pursue a graduate degree (Ph.D. in my case) because it is a degree which signifies expertise, signifies the capability to conduct research. An entry card into a community of experts in some “area” and by the time I graduate, I will be known and respected as an expert in that area. But moreover, because it is a process of discovery (of knowledge about the world and myself).

Why did you decide to study at UBC?

UBC is a world-renowned university and is consistently ranked among the top 40 schools in the world. In the category of research income, volume and reputation UBC ranks 26th, and 8th in terms of international mix. Graduate students are provided the opportunity to work with the world-class faculty and conduct leading-edge research in their field. Graduate students are given access to state of the art laboratories with an outstanding inventory of equipment, supported by full-time faculty and staff.

I decided to pursue a graduate degree...because it is a process of discovery (of knowledge about the world and myself).

What aspect of your graduate program do you enjoy the most or are looking forward to with the greatest curiosity?

Be able to call me an expert in an area that matters.

What do you see as your biggest challenge(s) in your future career?

At the end of the day, be able to find a proper answer to the question of "why will people care about my solution?"

What aspects of your life or career before now have best prepared you for your UBC graduate program?

Both of my past academic and industrial life experiences have best prepared me for my UBC graduate program. To me, both academic and industry experiences are important to have before entering into any graduate program, especially in the fields of engineering.

What do you like to do for fun or relaxation?

To spend some quality time with my family, read books etc.

What advice do you have for new graduate students?

Try to be sure about what you want to do in your life and what is your ultimate goal. Always try to do what you like rather than relying on other's instructions.


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Because of the Internet of Things or IoT in short, every day, more and more objects are getting online and there isn’t a single area of our life that won’t be touched by IoT devices in the next decade. Day by day, the advancement of microtechnology is enabling embedded IoT devices to perform more complex jobs written with high-level languages to get more productivity. But despite the increase of job complexity and advancement of emended devices, in terms of the “elasticity of available resources”, the IoT devices are still far more behind compared to the available resources in the cloud. Because of this, when we send programs to run on any IoT devices, we must be extra careful in terms of allocating resources, as the result of a small fraction of misallocation might be devastating, especially for the safety-critical jobs. Hence, we are in a great need for a new, efficient and fault tolerable resource management system for resource-constrained IoT devices in the forthcoming days where the classical and existing techniques won't work. My research focuses on finding a solution for this scenario.