Kate Minniti

Egyptian and Egyptian-inspired objects in Archaic Sicily
Faculty of Arts
Franco De Angelis
Graduate Student Travel Fund
Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

I have always wanted to know more about the past and work on my personal knowledge. Along the way I found out that I like teaching, and that having professors who were passionate about their subjects can really make a difference in a student's life. The North American training, which combines taking classes, doing research, and teaching is what I was looking for to become a better archaeologist and a better lecturer. The decision was easy, because by pursuing a PhD I would then be able to bring together my interest in Antiquity and my passion for teaching.

Why did you decide to study at UBC?

I knew of the good international reputation of UBC, and several professors during my MA suggested me to apply there because in their opinion I would have been a good fit. In addition, another archaeologist with whom I was working on the field was at the time a UBC student and spoke highly of the PhD program in Classics, and suggested I looked into it.

What is it specifically, that your program offers, that attracted you?

What interested me the most was the possibility to be taught by and work with scholars that employed multidisciplinary and research-based approaches to the study of the Ancient World.

What was the best surprise about UBC or life in Vancouver?

I totally did not expect UBC campus and Vancouver in general to have so much green space...and beaches!

What aspects of your life or career before now have best prepared you for your UBC graduate program?

Before arriving at UBC I had obtained degrees in three different countries that have provided me with different tools to become a well-rounded student. For instance, the text-heavy approach of my BA trained me to read primary sources in ancient languages. My first MA was completely different, as it focused mostly on research-based and theoretical issues which gave me a broader perspective on archaeology as a discipline. Lastly, my second MA provided me with a more sophisticated approach to ancient art history and architecture which helped to fill the gaps in my knowledge. Most importantly, dealing with very different schools has prepared me to recognise my own assumptions and question them during the research process.

What do you like to do for fun or relaxation?

I play Dungeons and Dragons or video games with my friends, work out, and read a lot! I am also learning to solve crosswords in English...that's a new challenge!

What advice do you have for new graduate students?

Do not over-commit and, if possible, find time to relax! Join a club, work out, nap, play videogames with friends...whatever helps you unwind.


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