During Thrive, learn about graduate research on mental health

November 1 marks the beginning of Thrive, a time where we come together as a UBC community to learn, talk, and explore ways to support our mental health and wellbeing. Fostering and maintaining mental health is a year-round pursuit, and UBC recognizes that it plays a crucial role in the ability to live, work, and learn well— whether on campus or at home.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies wants to highlight some of the amazing research by our graduate students around mental health and wellbeing. From improving Indigenous clients' access to mental health care services by exploring mental health provider bias and discrimination, to the mental health climate at schools, to mapping the sexual and mental health post-migration pathways of 2SLGBTQ+ youth, the breadth and range of research projects is vast. We invite you to browse the student profiles below, and learn more about the exciting graduate research on mental health and wellbeing here at UBC.  

Name Faculty Research topic
Natasha Parent Education Adolescent Technology Engagement and Mental Health and Well-Being
Rodney Stehr G+PS Mapping the Sexual and Mental Health Post-Migration Pathways of  Youth Moving from Rural or Northern Natal Communities
Alexandra Rudy Education School Mental Health Climate
Cheryl Inkster Education Improving Indigenous clients' access to mental health care services by exploring mental health provider bias and discrimination
Javiera Pumarino Medicine Examining the role of mental health disorders on adult functioning among emerging adults with a history of foster care
Samantha Baglot Medicine Neurogenic, endocrine, and behavioural outcomes following prenatal alcohol exposure (an animal model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), and the modulatory role of exogenous oxytocin
Keith Dormond Education Understanding Honour Related Violence and Oppression in Ways that are Helpful for Victims, their Communities and Canadian Society
Zarina Giannone Education Athletes in Transition: A novel intervention targeting elite athletes' identity development
Sokyee Angela Llow Education Parenting pains and pleasures: examining the effects of cultivating happiness and self-compassion on parents' efficacy and well-being
Lyana Patrick Applied Science Dis/connection in 21st Century Canada: Therapeutic Planning through an Indigenous Lens
Scott Ramsey Applied Science Improving follow-up care and health related outcomes for children in British Columbia
Jaime Semchuk Education Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives on School-Based Mental Health Literacy Interventions
Allie Slemon Applied Science An institutional ethnography of nurses’ integration of an equity-oriented care intervention in an emergency department setting 
Sophie Smit Arts Moderators and mediators of behavioural parent training outcomes for children with ADHD: Evaluating the importance of addressing parent psychopathology and treatment process factors
Christine Yu Education The Help-Seeking Process for Parents of Children with Anxiety: A Grounded Theory

Thrive is a joint initiative and collaboration between UBC Human Resources, Health Promotion & Education (Vancouver), Health and Wellness (Okanagan), and UBC Wellbeing. To learn more about Thrive events this month, visit the UBC Wellbeing website.

Mental health support

If you’re a UBC student seeking mental health support, there are a number of options available to you. We encourage you to visit the Health, Wellbeing and Safety page on our site for more information.

Monday, 02 November 2020