Allie Slemon

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Undergraduate Nursing Students' Experiences in Mental Health Practicums: A Qualitative Study
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Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

I am currently a clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students in mental health clinical settings, and am eager to further my own studies in mental health nursing as well as nursing education.

Why did you decide to study at UBC?

The UBC School of Nursing is among the top nursing schools in North America, with faculty engaged in thrilling and necessary research. I am able to work with supervisors who are highly respected in their own fields and can support my own research goals.


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Undergraduate nursing students complete mandatory practicums in mental health care settings, offering a rich opportunity for the exploration of student attitudes within these complex care environments. Quantitative research into nursing student experiences at mental health practicums indicates that students struggle with navigating the stigma associated with mental illness in the client population. This is intensified by the perceived undesirability of nursing work in mental health. However, there are limited qualitative studies that explore the individual and social contexts for these challenges. My research examines how nursing students build upon, utilize, and/or alter their pre-conceptualizations of mental illness, seeking to explore their behaviours, attitudes, responses, and reflections throughout their practicums.