Division of Finance

UBC's Finance Group ranks among the leading finance groups in the world in terms of both research and teaching. The research interests of the Finance Division cover most major topics and methodologies in financial economics.

Much of the recent output of the group includes contributions to asset pricing, theory and empirical tests, international banking and asset pricing, corporate finance, merger activity and questions of corporate control, bank regulation, effects of asymmetric information, corporate and personal taxes, conflicts of interest; and linkages between product and financial markets.

The division has an excellent reputation for training students who obtain challenging jobs. A Finance Specialization in the BCom and MBA programs, in addition to a specialist MSc (Business) degree and a research PhD in finance are all offered. 


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Agarwal, Isha Banking; International Finance; Corporate Finance; macroeconomics
Baldauf, Markus Financial Markets; Information Economics; Industrial Organization; Regulation; Market Microstructure
Bena, Jan Financial economics; Finance, n.e.c.; Stock markets; International economics and international finance; Economics of innovation and technical change; Industry economics and industrial organization; Innovation; Corporate innovation; Asset pricing of technological progress; Private equity; Corporate ownership structure; Frictions in raising external finance; Entrepreneurship; Ownership of startup companies; Finance and industrial organization; Product market interactions
Bian, Bo Empirical corporate finance; Productivity; Innovation; Bankruptcy
Carlson, Murray Introduction to capital markets, corporate finance, principles of finance, asset pricing
Dias Saraiva-Patelli, Ella Finance; Asset pricing and international finance
Donaldson, R Glen Risk management, Volatility forecasting, Asset valuation, Financial econometrics, Financial markets and price behavior
Favilukis, Jack Consumption and Production Based Asset Pricing; Heterogeneity and Inequality; Incomplete Markets; Real Estate
Fisher, Adlai Asset pricing, financial econometrics, volatility modelling, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions
Garlappi, Lorenzo Economics and business administration; Financial Economics; Asset pricing; Macro-Finance; Decision Theory
Giammarino, Ronald Financial management; corporate theory; bank regulation; real options
Gornall, Will Corporate finance ; Venture capital; Banking
Heinkel, Robert Lee Stock markets; Corporate Finance
Lazrak, Ali Finance and Accounting; Economic Phenomena on an Individual or Organizational Level; Asset pricing, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Household portfolio choice
Li, Kai corporate governance, CEO compensation, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder activism, gender in corporate decision making, board of directors, national culture, innovation, Finance
Mokak Teguia, Alberto Behavioral Finance; Institutional Investors; Liquidity; Heterogeneous Beliefs; Disclosure; OTC Markets
Ortiz Molina, Hernan Corporate finance and governance, executive compensations, industrial organization, interactions between real and financial decisions
Pikulina, Elena Institutional investors; Corporate finance; Experimental and behavioral finance

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