Department of Dermatology & Skin Science

Our faculty are involved in rigorous and cutting-edge research through the Clinical Trials Unit and our five specialized laboratories:

  • Skin Cancer Biology Laboratory
  • Photomedicine Institute
  • Hair Research Laboratory
  • Immunodermatology Laboratory
  • Molecular Medicine Laboratory

By analyzing the needs of the community, we design research projects to address those needs. The output of our research is new knowledge, new drugs, new techniques, new patents, and more – we take this information back to our clinical settings to help and treat out patients.

The Research Laboratories produce in excess of 50 publications and reports each year, published in high quality journals internationally. Click here for our Publications and Reports.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Dutz, Jan Peter Immunity in Health & Disease, diabetes, dermatology
Ho, Vincent dermatologic therapeutics and oncology
Kalia, Sunil Skin Cancer; Optics and Photonics; Skin Disorders; Epidemiology; optics; photobiology; dermatoepidemiology; Cancer
Kitson, Clifford Neil biological membranes that form the permeability barrier of the skin, and in how these properties may be altered in common and uncommon disorders of the skin
Lee, Tim Computing; Early Cancer Detection; Epidemiologic Research on Skin Cancer
Lui, Harvey lasers; skin disease; psoriasis; dermatology; pigmentary disorders; vitiligo; applied optics; photomedicine; photodynamic therapy, Dermatology, photomedicine, lasers, psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatologic education
Zeng, Haishan Family practice, dermatology
Zhou, Youwen Autoimmunity; Dermatology; Gene and molecular therapy; Translation research; Genetics and genomics of skin diseases; Vitiligo, pigmentation diseases, eczema; Innovative therapeutic development

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