Peter Englezos


Research Interests

Clathrate (gas) hydrate science, engineering and novel applications
Clathrates-applications: natural gas storage & transport, CO2 capture & storage, water treatment)
Thermodynamics of fluids and super-hydrophobic surfaces,
Novel materials from forest bio-resources, High-value papermaking

Relevant Degree Programs


Research Methodology

High pressure equipments and associated data acquisition, Gas chromatography, XRD, NMR,
Surface science (XPS, TEM, AFM,..), Wet chemistry, Particle size and electrokinetics
Molecular (MD) simulation, Paremeter Estimation and machine learning, Optimization


Master's students
Doctoral students
Postdoctoral Fellows
Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer

Clathrate hydrate science and engineering fundamentals and novel applications
Novel materials from forest bioresources

I am open to hosting Visiting International Research Students (non-degree, up to 12 months).



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