Origins of Balance Deficits and Falls

The cluster's research aims to advance our understanding of the mechanistic principles of healthy balance control and the mechanisms that underlie balance deficits and falls. Our research will provide the foundation for developing improved clinical balance screening tools, effective therapeutic interventions and new technological advances to reduce the likelihood and impact of balance deficits and falls.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Blouin, Jean-Sebastien Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Sensorimotor Integration, Motor System, Robotics and Automation, Trauma / Injuries, Physiology, Sensorimotor physiology, Standing balance, Balance robot, Sensory virtualisation, Computational approaches, Head and neck, Whiplash injuries
Carpenter, Mark Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) neural control of movement, fear of falling, Neural control of movement, postural control, fears of falling, balance disorders, Parkinson's disease
Chua, Romeo Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Human perceptual-motor control, vision and action, perceptual-motor compatibility, coordination
Cripton, Peter Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Trauma / Injuries, Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma, Mechanical Systems, Spinal cord injury, neurotrauma, Traumatic Brain Injury, biomechanics, injury prevention, hip fracture, spine biomechanics
Hodges, Nicola Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Psychology - Biological Aspects, action anticipation and observation, coaching, skill acquisition, Motor learning
Hunt, Michael Anthony Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Arthritis / Osteo-Arthritis, Joints (Articulations), Musculoskeletal Deformation, Neuromuscular Diseases, Orthoses and Prostheses, Rehabilitation, biomechanics, musculoskeletal, Physical Activity, exercise
Hurd, Laura Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Social Aspects of Aging, Social Determinants of Health, Loss of Independence, Identity Building, Participatory research, Quality of Life and Aging, Sexuality, Stereotypes, Aging Process, Aging, health, Gender, body image, embodiment or embodied experience, disability, chronic illness or chronic conditions, Assistive technology, gender identity, sexual orientation, Physical Activity, qualitative methods, LGBTQ older adults, media representation, ageism, heterosexism, ableism, sociology of aging, social gerontology
Inglis, J Timothy Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Exercise science, neurophysiology, biomechanics, stance and balance control, human microneurography, physical therapy and rehabilitation, vestibular system
Kingstone, Alan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Human cognition and social attention in complex settings behavioral, neuropsychological, and functional neuroimaging research
Kramer, John Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Neuromechanical, Systems Biology, Exercise & Health
Lam, Tania Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Rehabilitation, Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma, gait rehabilitation, exercise, neurorecovery
McKeown, Martin Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Parkinson's Disease, novel treatments for Parkinson's, Monitoring Parkinson's, Brain Stimulation, Biomedical Engineering
Pollock, Courtney Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) motor control of walking balance and balance reactions, impact of neurological changes associated with aging, disease and injury on motor control
Van der Loos, Hendrik Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Rehabilitation Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Design for Safety, Design Methodology and Design Coaching, Roboethics