The International Canadian Studies Centre is the hub of Canadian Studies at UBC. The McLean endowment grants the Centre an entrepreneurial role within the Faculty, allowing it to bring together multi-disciplinary initiatives and to support a range of academic events.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Baier, Gerald Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Canadian politics, federalism, constitutional law, courts, federal-provincial relations, Constitution, federalism and public law in Canada
Barnes, Trevor Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Vancouver
Blackburn, Carole Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) relationship between Indigenous peoples and settler states; how Indigenous nations assert their rights and sovereignty in struggles over land and political recognition, and the consequences for Indigenous people of engaging states in legal and political arenas.
Coulthard, Glen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) First Nations politics – national; political theory
Creighton, Millie Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Japan, Japanese descent communities (Nikkei or Nikkeijin), Korea, Inter-Asian Relations, Identity, Consumerism, Popular and Mass Culture, Gender, Minorities, Work and Leisure
Cutler, Frederick Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Social movements and democracy; public opinion; Political Methodology; Canadian Politics; Elections; Electoral Systems; Federalism; Academic Publishing Systems
Deer, Glenn Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) discourse studies, the rhetoric of power in narrative fiction, and postmodernism and Canadian Literature
Ducharme, Michel Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Social Organization and Political Systems; Political Ideologies; Canadian History before Confederation; Quebec History; Liberalism and Nationalism in Canada and Quebec; Canada and the Atlantic World
Evenden, Matthew Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) All other social sciences, n.e.c.; Historical studies; Environmental History; Historical geography; Rivers; Water; War and environment; Hydro-electricity
Fuller, Sylvia Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) precarious employment; inequality; work; gender and work; immigration, Work and Labour, Inequality, Gender, Economic Sociology, Social Policy, Welfare state restructuring
Harrison, Kathryn Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Canadian politics, environmental politics, environmental policy, climate change, global warming, climate change policy, Canadian public policy
Johnston, Kirsty Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Dramatic literature and theatre history with particular interest in disability arts and intersections between health, disability and performance
Kam, Christopher Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Nature and evolution of parliamentary democracy, historical development of institutions
Kramer, Jennifer Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Visual culture and art of the First Nations
Lauster, Nathanael Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Population, Housing, Urban Studies, Crowding, Home & Housing, Technology & Environment, City Building & Regulation, Family, Demography, Health
Loo, Tina Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Environmental history of Canada
Mahtani, Minelle Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) critical mixed race theory; cultural forgetting; Social justice
Mathijs, Ernest Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) film, alternative cinema, independent cinema, European cinema, horror film, David Cronenberg, film audiences, film festivals, censorship, fantasy film, Lord of the Rings, Film studies
Mawani, Renisa Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Sociology; Colonial Legal History; critical theory; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Race and Racism; Time and Temporality
McNeilly, Kevin Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Literary theory, music history
Menzies, Charles Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Social sciences; Indigenous studies; Natural Resource Management; Maritime Anthropology; Western Europe; Ethnographic Film
Moore, Patrick Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Anthropological linguistics, languages of North America, sub-Arctic ethnography, ethno-history, gender, First Nations Languages, Literacy and Orality, Oral Traditions, Dene (Athbaskan Languages and Cultures), Codeswitching, Gender, Indigenous Activism, and the Anthropology of Media
Myers, Tamara Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) History of Children and Youth, Gender/Women’s History, History of Crime and Delinquency, History of Adolescence and the Family, Quebec/Canada
Pratt, Geraldine Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Feminist Geographies
Raibmon, Paige Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) first nations on the northwest coast, cultural representations, relocation of aboriginal peoples, environmental health on reserves, first nations history, Indigenous people and colonisation, life writing and life history
Tindall, David Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) environmental movement, social movements, environmental protest, social protest, social networks, social aspects of climate change, Aboriginal protest about natural resources and environmental issues, social surveys, polling, environmental politics, environmental attitudes, environmental values, opinion about the environment, protest about pipelines, protest about oil sands, protest about tar sands, wilderness, wilderness preservation, use of social media in social protest, use of social media in social movements, social media and social networks, social aspects of forestry, climate change policy, news media, social psychology of environmental issues, Envionmental sociology, social research methods, aboriginal forestry, social science
Wilkes, Rima Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) protest, media and First Nations, media and racism, immigration, Collective Action by Indigenous Nations, Media and social movements, Public Opinion, Immigration, Trust