Centre for Blood Research

The Centre for Blood Research (CBR) is a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute, situated primarily at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and affiliated teaching hospitals, with nodes at the University of Northern British Columbia and at the University of Victoria. Over 40 research groups at the CBR are working together, using a broad range of leading edge basic science, biotechnological, engineering and clinical investigative approaches on blood and blood-related processes to improve health.

Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Bromme, Dieter Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Lysosomal proteases, centre for blood research
Cheung, Karen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Electrical engineering, computer engineering, and information engineering; Medical and biomedical engineering; additive manufacturing; BioMEMS; Biomedical Technologies; biosensors; microfluidics; neural interfaces; organ-on-chip; Tissue Engineering
Conway, Edward Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Basic medicine and life sciences; coagulation; Innate immunity; Inflammation; vascular biologh
Cote, Helene Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) HIV Infection, blood research, infectious diseases
Devine, Dana Virginia Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Biochemistry, blood regulation, platelet biology
Foster, Leonard Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Biochemistry; Genomics; Agriculture; antigen presentation; Bioinformatics; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Biotechnology; Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases; Honey bees; host-pathogen interactions; Immune System; Microbiology; Proteomics; Systems Biology
Hancock, Robert E Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides, Host Defence Peptides and Innate Immunity, Functional Genomics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Regulation of Antibiotic Resistance, Array Data, Self-promoted uptake hypothesis
Haynes, Charles Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Protein purification, recombinant proteins, molecular thermodynamics, biocompatible polymers
Jefferies, Wilfred Arthur Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Iron transport molecules
Karsan, Aly Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Hematological tumours; Cancer molecular targets; Leukemia; Hematopoiesis; Genomics and epigenomics; Noncoding RNAs; Aging
Kim, Hugh Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) platelet biochemistry
Kizhakkedathu, Jayachandran Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Medical and biomedical engineering; Pathology (except oral pathology); Biomaterials; Blood Coagulation; Cell-surface Engineering; Implants and Medical Devices; Iron Chelators; Macromolecular Therapeutics; Polymers; Proteomics Tools; Thrombosis
Lee, Agnes Yuet Ying Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cancer associated thrombosis, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, management
Ma, Hongshen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Microfluidics; Instrumentation; Cell Sorting; Cell Biomechanics; Circulating Tumor Cells; Malaria and Red Blood Cell Deformability; Single Cell Technologies; Cell Migration and Chemotaxis
McMaster, W Robert Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Molecular Immunology
McNagny, Kelly Marshall Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cellular immunology; Regenerative medicine (including stem cells and tissue engineering); Stem Cells; Immunology; Inflammation; Mouse models of human disease; Tissue degeneration/regeneration; Cancer; innate immune response; kidney function; Biologics and therapeutics
Overall, Christopher Mark Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Blood research, antiviral immunity
Rossi, Fabio Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine blood, Stem cells, regeneration, gene therapy, control of cell fate
Strynadka, Natalie Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Blood Research, structure-based design of inhibitors, antibiotic-resistance mechanisms, macromolecular assemblies, bacterial viability pathogenesis