Responsibilities and Rights

The University endeavours to provide a climate of academic freedom that recognizes scholars’ and scientists’ rights to receive credit for the product of their work. In turn, the University holds scholars responsible for the scholarly and scientific rigour and integrity of their work. This encompasses all facets of teaching and research, including obtaining, recording and analyzing data, and presenting, reporting and publishing results. In the course of teaching and research, graduate students, faculty, staff and others are expected to fulfill these responsibilities:

  • Give appropriate recognition, including authorship, to those who have made an intellectual contribution to the contents of the publication
  • Give credit only to those who have made a significant or practical contribution to the work and who are able to share responsibility for its conclusions
  • Understand that plagiarism—representing the thoughts, writings or inventions of another as one’s own—is unacceptable
  • Use the unpublished work of other researchers and scholars only with permission and due acknowledgement
  • Use archival material only in accordance with the rules of the archives
  • Obtain permission from the author if you have gained access to new information, concepts or data from confidential manuscripts, material connected with funding applications for research or training, or as a result of engaging in peer review

Keeping good records is often an essential component of demonstrating high professional standards.