Commercialization of IP

Intellectual property rights shift when a member of the faculty or a student, post-doctoral fellow, technician, or any other individual connected with the University proposes to protect (through patent or trademark) or commercialize intellectual property that has been developed using University facilities or University administered funds.

UBC Policy 88 states that in cases where it is advantageous to protect or licence an invention or discovery, an Invention Disclosure Questionnaire and Assignment form must be completed and filed with the Director, University-Industry Liaison Office. This form describes the invention or discovery and assigns the intellectual property rights to the University. In return, the creators of the intellectual property are assigned a share of any proceeds arising from commercialization. An invention or discovery is broadly defined in Policy 88 to include databases, audio-visual and computer material or equivalent circuitry, biotechnology and genetic engineering products and all other products of research which may be licensable.