BioProducts Institute

The BioProducts Institute is changing the way our society collaborates with nature for a sustainable and renewable future.

Bringing together state of the art research and resources in a unique innovative ecosystem, BPI aims to unlock the power of nature to make a positive impact on all sectors from transportation to building to healthcare.

Unlocking Nature for Sustainable Solutions

The BioProducts Institute (BPI) is an innovative ecosystem of high-impact fundamental and applied researchers working on solutions to today’s climate and environmental challenges. The Institute brings together inter- and multi-disciplinary researchers comprised of scientists, engineers, and market and policy experts to unlock the full potential of materials, chemicals and fuels produced in nature. Based on the guiding principles of circularity, sustainability and renewability, BPI seeks to reduce society’s footprint and tackle rampant environmental challenges such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste.

Our research themes center around biocatalytic transformation and engineering of biomass, bio-nanoparticle enabled materials, bio-based polymers and carbon materials and Biorefinery & biofuels systems. By conducting research, we are able to transform our findings into bioproducts that will serve as catalysts to launch Canada's bioeconomy. With increasing demands for low carbon fuel, plastic alternatives and degradable materials, the BioProducts Institute looks forward to being a world leader in the green economy sector. 


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Baldwin, Susan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Bioprocess engineering, bioremediation, biomedical reaction modelling
Bi, Xiaotao Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical engineering; Biomass and Bioenergy; Electrostatics of Powders; Fluidization; Fuel Cells Water Management; Green Engineering; Industrial Symbiosis; Life Cycle Analysis; Multiphase Chemical Reactors; Particle technology
Bohlmann, Joerg Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) plant biochemistry, forestry genomics, forest health, conifers, poplar, bark beetle, mountain pine beetle, natural products, secondary metabolites, terpenes, floral scent, grapevine, Conifer genomics Forest health genomics Mountain pine beetle, fungus, pine interactions and genomics Chemical ecology of conifer, insect interactions
Brumer, Harry Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Biochemistry; Chemical sciences; Genomics; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; biomass; carbohydrates; cellulose; Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis; Enzymes; microbiota; plant cell walls; polysaccharides
Bull, Gary Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) international forest policy, environmental services markets, carbon markets, Government and economic systems
Cranston, Emily Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Nanoparticle synthesis, properties and applications; Bio-based materials and nanocellulose; Atomic force microscopy (forces, adhesion, friction, imaging); Colloid and interface science; Polymer chemistry; Cellulose nanocrystals; Bioproducts; Foams, emulsions, aerogels
Dahmen, Joseph Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) technical methods and cultural effects of resource use at the scales of architecture and territory.
Ellis, Naoko Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical engineering; Chemical Processes; CO2 capture and utilization; Interdisciplinary teaching and learning; multiphase systems; thermochemical conversion of biomass
Eltis, Lindsay Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Biochemistry; Genomics; Immunology; Microbiology; Bacterial catabolism of steroids and lignin; biocatalyst development; Enzymes and Proteins; Metabolism (Living Organisms); Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Frostad, John Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical engineering; Food sciences (including food engineering); Emulsions; Physics of Soft Matter; Agricultural Sprays; Food Physics; Interfacial Rheology; Novel Instrumentation; Foams; Fluid mechanics
Gates, Derek Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Inorganic chemistry, materials science, polymer chemistry, catalysis
Grecov, Dana Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Rheology, Rheometry, Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Liquid Crystals, Biolubricants, Lubricants, Journal Bearings, Multi-Phase Flow, Synovial Joints, Synovial Fluid, Arthrithis, Liquid crystals and nanomaterials, Biofluid Mechanics
Green, Sheldon Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Fluid Mechanics; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; building ventilation; railroads; papermaking
Hallam, Steven Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Microbiome; Microbial ecology; metagenomics; Biological engineering; Synthetic biology; Bioinformatics; Machine Learning; Entrepreneurship
Hatzikiriakos, Savvas Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Polymer melt and suspension rheology, food rheology, polymer melt processing, superhydrophobicity, surface science, winter sports expert, ski/skate performance and snow/ice friction.
Hudson, Zachary Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Synthesis of materials; Functional materials in materials chemistry sciences; Organic chemical synthesis; Optical properties of materials; Luminescent materials; Organic electronics; Polymer chemistry; Organic chemistry; Organic light-emitting diodes
Jetter, Reinhard Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Analytical Chemistry; Plant Ecophysiology; Plant Biochemistry; Molecular Genetics; Biological Chemistry
Jiang, Feng Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) bio-based nanomaterials, carbohydrate chemistry, chemistry, sustainability, wood science
Kozak, Robert Antal Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Forest-dependent communities in transition, international development & poverty alleviation, value-added strategies, forest certification & corporate social responsibility, forest sector sustainability & competitiveness, marketing, management & consumer behaviour
MacLachlan, Mark Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Supramolecular inorganic chemistry; Inorganic materials; Supramolecular organic chemistry; Synthesis of materials; Functional materials in materials chemistry sciences; Supramolecular Chemistry; Nanomaterials; Biomaterials; Cellulose nanocrystals; Chitin; Materials Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry
Mansfield, Shawn Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) plant metabolism, cellulose biosynthesis, lignin biosynthesis, wood formation, wood quality, cell wall biochemistry, tree biotechnology, transgenics, Tree biotechnology
Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical sciences; Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds; Polymers; Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis; Bio-based polymers; Bioproducts; catalysis; Green Chemistry; Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry and Characterization
Mohn, William Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) pollutant biodegradation, pollutant bioremediation, biological treatment of forest industry effluents and wastes, microbial ecology, environmental biotechnology, forest soil microbial ecology, tuberculosis, microbial genomics, Microbial ecology
Mohseni, Madjid Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical engineering; Water quality engineering; Drinking Water; Chemical Pollutants; Used Water; Clean Technologies; Advanced oxidation; Drinking water quality and treatment; Electrochemical water treatment processes; UV based water purification and treatment; Water re-use
Olson, James Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Application of Physics and Fluid Mechanics to Problems Associated with the Pulp and Paper Industry, Mechanical Energy Reduction in Mechanical Pulping
Renneckar, Scott Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Advanced renewable materials, biopolymer structure characterization, Clean fractionation of biomass, Electrospinning Fibers, Nanocellulose, Self-assembly of biopolymers
Samuels, Anne Lacey Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Plant biology; plant cell biology; plant cell walls
Schafer, Laurel Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) catalysis, chemical synthesis, heterocycles, titanium, zirconium, yttrium, tantalum, hydroamination, hydroaminoalkyltion, biodegraable polymers, sustainable synthesis, Green Chemistry, Organometallic and organic chemistry
Servati, Peyman Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Energy Systems, Emerging Micro/Nano Technologies
Sowlati, Taraneh Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Wood Science, Industrial Engineering in Wood Science
Straus, Suzana Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical sciences; Proteins; Antimicrobial peptides; Protein-protein interactions; Structure-function; Viral membrane proteins
Trajano, Heather Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical engineering; Biomass (Energy); Wood; Pulp and paper; Biochemicals; Biomass extractives recovery and utilization; Biorefining; catalysis; Hemicellulose; Kinetics; Pretreatment
Wang Kazun, Siyun Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Food sciences (including food engineering); Agri-food Transformation Products; Microbiology; Bioactive Molecules; Food microbiology; Food safety
Yadav, Vikramaditya Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical engineering; Genomics; Medical and biomedical engineering; Bioactive Molecules; Biocatalysis; Bioinformatics; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Biomass (Energy); Biomaterials; Bioprocess engineering; Bioremediation; Biotechnology; drug delivery; Drug discovery & development; Medical biotechnology; Metabolic engineering; Structural Tissue Engineering / Biomaterials; Synthetic biology; Technoeconomics; Tissue Engineering; Vaccines
Zerriffi, Hisham Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Environmental geography; Forestry biomass and bioproducts; Modelling and applications of systems; Environment and natural resources economics; Environmental policy; Biomass (Energy); Energy Transformation and Energy Using; International development; Environment and Society; Ideological, Political, Economical and Social Environments of Social Transformations; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; energy poverty
Ziels, Ryan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Civil engineering; Genomics; Anaerobic digestion; Biological nutrient removal; Environmental engineering; Environmental Systems Engineering; Microbial biotechnology; Microbial ecology; Multi-omics; Resource recovery; Sustainable biological wastewater treatment