Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics focuses on transport economics and policy analysis as well as logistics and supply chain management.


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Faculty Members in Transportation & Logistics

Name Research Interests
Gillen, David aviation, airports, ATC, international aviation, urban transportation, supply chain, Transportation studies
Granot, Daniel Game Theory and Application, Discrete Optimization, Operations Management
Granot, Frieda Integer Programming, Network Flows, Combinatorial Optimization, Applications of Operations Research, Applications of Game Theory to Cost Allocation
Huh, Tim Inventory control, supply chain management, capacity planning, operations research
Kim, Michael Dynamic Programming, Statistical Learning, Robust Optimization, Exploration vs Exploitation Trade-offs
Krishnan, Harish Economics and business administration; Inventory and distribution logistics; Contracts and supply chains; Incentive distortions in supply chains; Management; Operations management; Supply chain management
Lindsey, Charles Transport economics; Urban, rural and regional economics; Advanced traveler information systems; climate change; Economic Policies; Financing transportation infrastructure; Parking policy; Public transit; Queuing; Road pricing; Traffic congestion; Transportation Systems; Advanced Air Mobility
McCormick, S Thomas Combinatorial optimization, network flows, operations management, computational complexity
Nagarajan, Mahesh Supply chain management, applied game theory, inventory management
Shechter, Steven Opertaions and logistics
Yan, Julia Integer Programming, Optimization, Transportation, Operations Research
Zhang, Hao Stochastic games, dynamic principal-agent problems; Information asymmetry and incentive problems in operations management; Supply-chain management, revenue management; Partially observable Markov decision processes, machine learning, reinforcement learning
Zhang, Anming transport economics and policy; air cargo logistics, Transport economics and policy, air cargo logistics, industrial organization

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