Geological Engineering

Geological Engineering applies earth sciences principles to engineering problems. Research interests include

  • landslides, debris flows, engineering geology, slope stability
  • groundwater hydrology, groundwater contamination and remediation, reactive transport modeling, environmental geochemistry
  • rock engineering, rock slopes, and tunneling

Other research areas include geotechnical engineering, environmental geology, engineering geology, economic geology, and applied geophysics. The specific fields of study may involve geomorphology and terrain analysis, groundwater hydrology, natural hazards, slope stability, petroleum and coal geology, coalbed methane, mineral prospecting and valuation, and other similar subjects.


Faculty Members in Geological Engineering

Name Research Interests
Ameli, Ali Geology; Applied Hydro-geochemistry; Climate Changes and Impacts; Environmental Tracer; Ground Water and Water Tables; Groundwater Ecohydrology; Groundwater-Surfacewater & land Interaction; Hydro-geological Engineering; Hydrological Cycle and Reservoirs; Numerical analysis; Watershed Management
Beckie, Roger Ground hydrology, geotechnical engineering
Eberhardt, Erik landslides, rockslides, tunnelling, mining, rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering, Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering
Mayer, Ulrich Geology; groundwater contamination; groundwater remediation; hydrogeology; low-temperature geochemistry; mine waste management
McDougall, Scott Debris flows / floods, Geohazards, Landslide-generated waves, Landslides, Natural and man-made geological hazards, Rock avalanches, Shoreline erosion, Tailings dam breaches

Student & Alumni Stories in Geological Engineering


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