Genetic Counselling

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Arbour, Laura northern and aboriginal health issues as they pertain to genetics
Austin, Jehannine Genetics, genomics, genetic counseling, psychiatric illness, mental illness, mental health, psychiatry, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, postpartum depression, perinatal mental health, Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia
Brown, Carolyn Janet Epigenetic control of gene expression, X-chromosome inactivation, Long non-coding RNAs, XIST RNA, Genes escaping X-chromosome inactivation, DNA methylation
Clarke, Lorne Lysosomal storage disease, disorders or sulfate transport, mucopolysaccharidosis, phenylketonuria
Conibear, Elizabeth Protein Palmitoylation, Vesicle Trafficking
Friedman, Jan Marshall Application of whole genome sequencing to diagnose genetic disease, Clinical genomics, Neurofibromatosis, Birth defects epidemiology
Hayden, Michael Huntington disease, Disease progression, Diabetes, Neurodegenerative disorders, Gene therapy, Drug development
Langlois, Sylvie Studies of genotype/phenotype correlations in single gene disorders; Validations of genomic tools for the study of mental retardation and prenatal screening for aneuploidy; Outcome studies related to prenatal genetic screening
Lefebvre, Louis mouse developmental genetics, developmental epigenetics, genomic imprinting, placental biology, germ cell biology
Marra, Marco Cancer Biology, Genomics, Epigenomics, Bioinformatics, Genetics
Morin, Gregg
Mostafavi, Sara machine/statistical learning applied to disease genetics
Robinson, Wendy Medical Genetics, Human Development, Epigenetics, miRNA, Preterm Birth, Placenta, Mosaicism, Fetal Growth, DNA methylation, Sex differences
Sadovnick, Adele clinical genetic, genetic epidemiological and molecular genetic research
Taubert, Stefan Transcription, Gene regulation, Stress responses , Hypoxia, Aging, Metabolism, Lipid biology, C. elegans, Mouse
Van Allen, Margot Birth defects, their causes, the natural history of the disorders, and how to prevent them
Van Raamsdonk, Catherine Human Cancer Genetics, Developmental Genetics, Mouse Genetics and Transgenesis, Melanoma, Oncogenesis, Melanocytes, Pigmentation
Vilarino-Guell, Carles Multiple sclerosis, Neuromyelitis optica, Neurological disorders