Food Science

Food Science offers opportunities in the areas of food analysis, food biotechnology, food chemistry, food microbiology, food process science, food quality evaluation, food safety and toxicology, and wine biotechnology.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Dee, Derek Proteins; Enzymes and Proteins; Agri-food Transformation Products; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Nanomaterials; Nutriceuticals and Functional Foods; Protein Folding; protein aggregation; Biophysics; food chemistry; protein engineering; funtional amyloid; protein nanofibrils; psychrophilic enzymes; aspartic proteases; prions; food proteins; meat analogues
Frostad, John Nutriceuticals and Functional Foods; Fluid Mechanics; Emulsions; Foams; Functional Foods; Interfacial Rheology; Interfacial Phenomena; Sensory Analysis; Novel Instrumentation; Physics of Soft Matter; See my website:
Kitts, David Food chemistry and toxicology, cellular and molecular mechanism, oncology
Lu, Xiaonan
Measday, Vivien Chromosome segregation in the budding yeast using molecular biology and genomic tools
Pratap Singh, Anubhav Agri-food Transformation Products; Nutriceuticals and Functional Foods; food processing; novel non-thermal processing; Functional Foods; pulsed light; high pressure; cold plasma; pasteurization; sterilization; heat transfer; mass transfer; food engineering
Scaman, Christine Glycosidases; Enzyme mechanism; Food carbohydrate chemistry
Wang, Siyun Agri-food Transformation Products; Microbiology; Bioactive Molecules; Food safety; Food microbiology
Yada, Rickey Enzymes (including kinetics and mechanisms, and biocatalyst); Other biological sciences; Food science; Food protein chemistry; Structure-function relationships; Enzymes; aspartic proteases


Luyao Ma

Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science (PhD)