Food And Resource Economics

Food And Resource Economics combines economics, policy and business as understood from an agriculture, food, natural resources and environmental perspective.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Barichello, Richard Capitlization of Government program benefits , quota systems and markets, agricultural policy, trade,industrial and agricultural pocliy reform in South East Asian Countries, economics of raw material export
Gulati, Sumeet Economics of Urban Transportation, Effectiveness of Carbon Taxes, Effectiveness of Environmental Policy, Economics of Human Wildlife Conflict, Political Economy of Environmental and Trade Policy, International Trade and its Effect on the Environment
McAusland, Carol Interactions between globalization and public good provision, impacts of trade liberalization on environmental politics, potential use of trade policy to stem damages from exotic species introductions and biological invasions Environmental impacts of international trade, implications of skilled labor migration for the global provision of public goods
Noack, Frederik
Stefanska, Barbara Nutrition and Cancer, Breast Cancer, Hepatic Diseases, Gene Regulation and Expression, Epigenetics, Cancer epigenetics, Nutritional epigenomics
Vercammen, James Market Analysis, Marketing and Distribution, R&D and Innovation, Sustainable Development, Supply and Demand Dynamics, food prices, agri-environmental contracts, agri-risk and insurance, commodity futures markets


Isaac Jonas

Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE)