Frank Lee

Developing novel “clot-busting” therapies for the treatment of heart attack and stroke
Dr. Edward Pryzdial
Vanier Scholarship
Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

My desire to train as an MD/PhD student stems from the various experiences throughout my life that have brought me closer to my felt calling to a lifework in both medicine and scientific research. It was volunteering in the community and my experiences in clinical contexts that instilled in me a strong will to support others through medicine, whereas my research endeavors showed me the joys of scientific investigation. These experiences together have coalesced into my decision to pursue a career as a clinician-scientist. I strongly believe that the MD/PhD program will help foster the necessary skills to establish scientific approaches to improve medical care. 

Why did you decide to study at UBC?

A combination of factors influenced my desire to attend UBC for its MD/PhD Program. The existing resources and programs that support my specific research interests, the potential to learn from and work with great mentors, the simultaneous pursuit of both clinical and doctoral studies, the variety of support for students and the opportunity to live in and experience British Columbia are all aspects that captured my sincere interest in the program. 


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