Jason Barton

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The economics and ecology of Brazilian sugar cane ethanol production
Tom Sullivan
Minneapolis, MN
United States

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

When I began teaching during university I realized that this is a career path I may want to pursue, possibly teaching at the university level.

Why did you decide to study at UBC?

The Faculty of Land and Food Systems (LFS) offers a challenging and flexible learning environment within an amazing community of faculty, staff and students. Also, UBC and Vancouver are both known around the world for their efforts in healthy and environmentally sensitive communities. Being close to the mountains, ocean, wilderness, and a vibrant and diverse city are huge bonuses as well.

What do you hope to accomplish with your research?

I hope that we in North America can learn about the impact our consumption has on people and land in distant parts of the world. Having lived in Brazil previously I understand that as one of the world's largest agricultural producers it has much to gain, and much to lose, through export of its agricultural resources. Also, since everyone eats and uses energy, this research is immediately relevant to people everywhere, so I hope the public and policy makers find it interesting!

What are your future career goals?

I would like to work in the energy industry upon completion of this degree, helping businesses and communities to increase their energy efficiency and localize their energy consumption. Eventually I would like to return to teaching as this is another great love of mine.

What has been your most memorable Vancouver experience so far?

Working as a teaching assistant in one of the LFS core courses my first semester at UBC was a fabulous introduction to the Faculty and to my own research areas. I was learning so much every day, was made to feel like a valuable member of the community, and met some of the best friends I've ever had. Thanks to all who were a part of AGSC 350!

What advice do you have for new graduate students?

Come on up! While Canada shares much in common with the US, making it a fairly easy transition, I have been very pleasantly surprised to learn that it is indeed its own country with a culture that is distinct from the US.

Personal Interests / Hobbies

Rafting, camping, traveling, reading, learning about the fascinating worlds of energy and agriculture!