UBC Student Residences

We have many student residences at UBC, offering a variety of accommodation types from shared units to studios and 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Here you can see an overview of the residences to identify which ones may meet your needs.

Take a look at important deadlines and find out when to expect a housing offer on the UBC Housing site

Housing Contracts

Winter-session housing

Winter session housing contracts provide 8 months of accommodation from September - April. A stay through via summer housing may be a possibility.

This type of housing is suitable for single students or students coming with a partner in either shared apartments or studios.

Year-round housing

These are ongoing housing contracts that can be renewed annually as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

This type of housing is in very high demand. If you have applied or intend to apply and do not receive an offer for September, you will remain on the waitlist for a later offer.



Combine your applications

If winter session can work for you, apply for both winter-session and year-round housing at the same time with one application fee. You may qualify for winter session housing while you remain on the waitlist for year-round housing.

The earlier, the better

Apply as soon as possible, ideally at the same time you submit your program application. For family housing apply even before your program application.

Be selective but not restrictive

You may specify many preferences on your application. Select only what options you would truly accept if made an offer, but don't limited your chances by being to restrictive.

Year-Round Housing Residences

Winter session residences

These residences are available from September - April.

Graduate residential colleges

Green College

St. John's College

In addition to our regular housing options, graduate students have the option to stay in dedicated Graduate Student Residential Colleges.

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