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USD 24,000

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This award, a collaboration between the Science and Engineering Research Board, India (SERB) and UBC, provides up to five scholarships per year to PhD candidates in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each scholarship provides four years of funding: a monthly living allowance of USD 2,000 plus funding by UBC to cover tuition costs. The current competition provides scholarships for students starting their PhD program at UBC in September 2020.



Eligibility to apply for scholarship funding:

  • Applicants must be Indian citizens.
  • Applicants should be resident in India at the time of application.
  • Applicants must have completed their previous degree in India within the last 24 months of the application deadline.
  • Applicants must intend to undertake research in these priority areas: Materials, Energy, Sustainable Chemistry, Quantum Computing and Spintronics, Complex systems, Theoretical Mathematical Science, Big Data, Mechanobiology / Physical Biology, Bio-energy, Genetic to Physiology, Mental Health, High Performance Computation in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, Humanoid Robotics, Cognitive Science, Mechnotronics, Advanced Manufacturing, Cyber security, Encryption and decryption, Petroleum and Petro-Chemical Engineering, Science of Climate Change, Glaciology, Modeling, Imaging, Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimizations.

Eligibility to hold scholarship funding:

  • Recipients must be offered and accept admission to a UBC PhD program in the fields listed above.
  • Recipients must sign a bond with SERB in which the recipient agrees, among other terms, to return to India after completion of their PhD for a minimum period of five years. A copy of the student bond from the 2016 competition is provided for reference below under "Further Information".
  • To remain eligibile for continued scholarship support, recipients must make adequate academic progress as defined in the relevant policies of UBC.

Please check the SERB website for additional eligibility criteria provided by the Science and Engineering Research Board.

Application Procedures

Applicants must apply to study at UBC at either its Vancouver or Okanagan campus following UBC's normal procedures and deadlines. Applicants are encouraged to state in their admission application or otherwise notify their prospective graduate program of their interest in being nominated for funding from SERB. If nominated by UBC to SERB for funding, SERB may contact the applicant directly to request supplemental information.

Nomination Procedures

  • UBC-V and UBC-O graduate programs are to provide the names and UBC student numbers of admitted PhD applicants from India via the SERB PhD Scholarship survey (
    • Please note: Should their students be awarded SERB funding, graduate programs will be responsible for providing funding to cover their students' tuition costs during the four years of SERB funding. This funding may be in the form of additional scholarships or teaching/research assistantships.
  • G+PS will review the list of nominees submitted by graduate programs to confirm eligibility and provide to SERB a list of eligible students.

Adjudication Procedures

  • SERB will review the list of nominees submitted by UBC and select up to five scholarship recipients, plus alternate candidates (should any of the initial funding offers be declined).
  • G+PS will notify applicants and their UBC graduate programs of the results of SERB's selection process.

Further Information

Questions about the SERB PhD Scholarship program can be directed to

Further information may also be available on the SERB website (


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