Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship



Annual Value

$30,000 stipend plus tuition


Permanent Resident

Degree Level


The Doctoral Recruitment Fellowships (DRF) enable new UBC-V Assistant Professors to recruit outstanding doctoral students. The two-fold purpose is achieved as follows: DRF slots are allocated to disciplinary Faculties, to be included in select faculty recruitment packages to (i) attract outstanding faculty to UBC. These DRF slots then provide a head start to new faculty by supporting them to (ii) recruit a strong doctoral student. Please note: the DRF program and future allocations are currently under review. Details below are for informational purposes only.



Faculty recipients must:

  • Commence a tenure-track position at the rank of an Assistant Professor on or after May 1, 2017. As a one-time exemption for the 2017-18 allocation only, Faculties may make a request to provide a DRF funding spot to an Assistant Professor recruited in the previous year (faculty appointment start date between 1 May 2016 and 30 May 2017). Sound justification for this exemption is required. Term appointments are not eligible.
  • Be confirmed as the DRA recipient prior to the start date of the Assistant Professor tenure-track position
  • At the time of recruiting the student, confirm that they and/or their graduate program will provide a fifth year funding package of $18,000. This funding package may consist of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or scholarships
  • Participate in the evaluation process of this program (survey)

Student recipients must:

  • Be starting a UBC-V doctoral program within five years of the faculty recipient’s appointment start date as a tenure-track Assistant Professor
  • Be supervised or co-supervised by the faculty recipient
  • Be undertaking their first doctoral-level degree program
  • Be an outstanding graduate student who would be considered competitive for Tri-Agency scholarship funding (domestic) or of a similar calibre (international)
  • Apply to national Tri-Agency scholarship competitions each year that they are eligible (domestic students only)
  • Participate in the evaluation process of this program (submission of CV and survey)

Nomination Procedures

Faculty nominations

Disciplinary Faculties may nominate eligible faculty by submitting a signed nomination form (see "Further Information" below) to The total number of nominations may not be greater than the number of award places allocted to the Faculty.

Student nominations

Assistant Professors who hold a DRF funding slot submit the following via their graduate program to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies:

Further Information


  • Funding will be allocated to faculties based on a rolling average of the number of incoming new tenure-track Assistant Professors hired in the previous three years. Term appointments will not be included in the count.
  • For larger Faculties, new allocations will be made in November of each year, to be used for recruiting faculty members whose appointments will start in the period from 1 May the following year to 30 April the year after that (e.g., allocation in November 2017 for faculty starting in 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018).* For smaller Faculties, however, allocations will be made for a three-year period (i.e., the Faculty will not receive another DRA allocation until spring 2020).
  • Faculties will allocate their DRA spots amongst their graduate programs based on their own priorities.
  • Faculties are encouraged to use their full allocations each year, but may carry forward allocated DRA spots, with a maximum of the Faculty’s annual allocation being carried forward at any given time.

* As the 2017-18 allocations (given out in May 2017) came with little advance warning and some Faculties may find it difficult to utilize their allocation, a one-time exemption for the 2017-18 allocation only may be requested. Specifically, Faculties may request to utilize a DRA for an Assistant Professor recruited in the previous year (faculty appointment start date as early as 1 May 2016). Sound justification for this exemption is required (e.g., number of new Assistant Professors for 2017-18 is unexpectedly low compared to previous years).


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