University Award Recommendation Form

Graduate programs submit this form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to recommend graduate students for university awards. One or more students and awards can be recommended using the same form (a previous Word version of the form, used only for single recommendations, has been discontinued).

Signed forms can be submitted by mail, fax, or a PDF scan to the Graduate Awards Clerk responsible for your program. Please submit each recommendation only once (i.e., a scanned version does not need to be followed up with an original).

Award numbers can be looked up in the Awards screen in SISC or the Enrolment Services searchable awards database.

GSI award numbers depend on the program's disciplinary faculty:

Disciplinary Faculty Award Number   Disciplinary Faculty Award Number
Applied Science 6434   Law 6441
Arts 6435   Land and Food Systems 6440
Dentistry 6437   Medicine 6442
Education 6438   Pharmaceutical Sciences 6443
Forestry 6439   Sauder School of Business 6436
Graduate Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies only) 6445   Science 6444


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