University Award Recommendation Form

Graduate programs submit this form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to recommend graduate students for university awards. One or more students and awards can be recommended using the same form.

IMPORTANT - Retroactive award offers: The Graduate Awards department has been informed that retroactive award offers for 2024S and earlier in the SISC-replacement Awards system (LFSM) will be time intensive and difficult to execute.  As a result, we will not be accepting or processing any retroactive award recommendations for 24S or earlier sessions after July 19, 2024.  Note: This deadline also applies to GSI, BPOC, BCGS or 4YF.


Submission: Each set of award recommendations must be submitted as 1 Excel spreadsheet (unsigned) and 1 PDF (signed by the grad advisor on all pages) - 2 files in total. Completed forms are to be submitted by email to; please do not submit paper forms by campus mail.

Award numbers: Award numbers can be looked up in the Enrolment Services searchable awards database.

Providing additional funding - Workday (formerly via JV):

  • There may be certain circumstances where a fund transfer will be necessary to cover a graduate award funded by an individual department. These awards include GSI, Department Funded Awards and topping up Endowments among other examples. Previously, these transfers were processed using journal vouchers, but with Workday these will be initiated by the department as an accounting journal. All transfers will be made to the following Workday program:
    • Program: PM002256  Cost Centre: CC00599 Fund: FD000  Ledger Account: 6700 Spend Category: SC0123
    • Process a Workday transfer to the program tag PM002256.
    • Attach appropriate backup paperwork. In most cases this will consist of a completed University Award Recommendation Form.
    • Please transfer only the amount of funds that match the amount on the recommendation form (in the case of transfers for GSI awards, you may transfer the total amount you plan to spend in the current fiscal year). Please note that more than one award can be funded on a single award transfer (i.e., separate transfers are not required for each award).
  • For questions about fund transfers, please contact Brian Bella at


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