Data on average PhD funding per program made available

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) office has recently added PhD financial support data for the individual doctoral programs listed on our website. This is part of a larger effort to increase transparency of relevant information to prospective and current students, enabling them to make more informed decisions about coming to UBC and to plan accordingly when here.

Under most PhD program listings, prospective and current students will now be able to find the average funding for students in the program as well as a breakdown by funding source. The data are for full-time PhD students enrolled in all terms of the academic year across their first four years of study, the time period covered by UBC's Minimum Funding Policy. For more information on our methodology, please visit our website.

The G+PS office highly values the principles of transparency and honest communication, and among other information included on each program listing are tuition costs, detailed admission and enrolment statistics, times and rates of completion, doctoral dissertation summaries, and PhD career outcomes. A cost of living calculator is also available, as are comprehensive datasets on overall graduate admissions, enrolment, and student demographics, and PhD career outcomes.    

To learn more about this new feature, please visit one of our PhD program listings, click on Tuition & Financial Support, and scroll down to the heading “Average funding.”

Thursday, 11 March 2021