Inspired by an op-ed by graduate student Dwayne Tucker, this initiative focuses on the complexities and gaps in the mentorship of racialized students at UBC by calling on a constellation of graduate students, mentors and experts. 

Our purpose is to highlight effective mentorship to amplify the value of ethnic/racial diversity at the core of graduate education excellence. In collaboration with graduate students, G+PS is conducting a survey and focus groups on the experiences of racialized students.

This initiative will allow racialized graduate students at UBC to have their voices heard, and their experiences acknowledged and shared with UBC administration, faculty and beyond in an attempt to enhance racialized graduate experiences at UBC. 

The Graduate Student Survey

The survey, (conducted between the months of January - May 2022) intended to gather mentorship stories and experiences of racialized graduate students, confirmed that many racialized students have experienced challenges in their graduate student careers, including microaggressions, isolation, and feeling underrepresented in their programs. Additionally, students shared positive experiences in situations where mentors and supervisors advocated for and supported them through difficult circumstances, noting how important this was for them to be able to progress further in their program.

We followed up with focus groups that elaborated on these findings with the goal to contribute toward a safe, respectful, and more equitable learning sphere for racialized students, and to amplify awareness of these values in alignment with the University’s mandate for inclusive excellence. 

Forum on the Effective Mentorship of Racialized Graduate Students

On June 24, 2022, G+PS hosted a forum at St. John’s College on mentorship of racialized graduate students, with more than 70 attendees. The forum included panels and interactive sessions with students and offered opportunities for participants to provide feedback and discussion.


The final report provided nine recommendations to improve the lives of racialized graduate students.

Read the report



Are you a faculty member involved in anti-racism advocacy and interested in sharing your experiences on the effective mentorship of racialized graduate students? Connect with the EMRGS team at

Project goals

Create safe spaces

Create a platform for open discussion and exchange on issues that will improve sensitization for different mentorship needs based on race and ethnicity.

take a stand

Amplify the value of ethnic/racial diversity at the core of graduate education.

Challenge Barriers

Challenge existing barriers to a safer, more respectful, and equitable learning sphere for racialized graduate students (research and systemic learning).

Enhance supervision

Support the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ strategy at UBC which aims to enhance the quality of graduate student supervision and further develop its Principles of Excellent Supervision document. 

The Effective Mentorship of Racialized Grad Students (EMRGS) project was led by Negar Khodarahmi (PhD candidate, Human Development, Learning, and Culture), Dwayne Tucker (PhD candidate, Women+ and Children’s Health Sciences), Kelli Kadokawa (Staff, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies), Theresa Rogers (Professor, Faculty of Education) and Emi Sasagawa (Staff, Faculty of Arts).