Division of Gastroenterology

Members in the Division of Gastroenterology are actively involved in both clinical and basic science research.

Basic Science Research

The Division’s basic science research programs are supported by national and provincial granting agencies including CIHR, HSFC, CCFC, and the Canadian Society for Intestinal Research (CSIR).

Areas of basic science research include:

  • IBD and Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer and Progenitor Cells

Clinical Research

Areas of clinical research include:

  • liver disease
  • viral hepatitis
  • hepatocellular cancer
  • liver transplantation
  • solid organ transplantation and donation
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • capsule endoscopy
  • therapeutic endoscopy
  • endoscopic ultrasound
  • celiac disease
  • luminal gastroenterology

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Freeman, Hugh James Intestinal Diseases
Kelleher, Dermot immune response to many of the leading causes of gastrointestinal infectious disease worldwide
Salh, Baljinder Singh Gastrointestinal Pathologies; Nutrition and Cancer; Inflammatory bowel disease; Colon cancer; Signal transduction
Shahidi, Neal
Yoshida, Eric liver disease including autoimmune; viral hepatitis (including Hepatitis B, C and non-B, non-C); liver transplantation; aboriginal issues regarding liver diseases, viral hepatitis, transplantation; biomedical ethics of transplantation

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