Navid Rahgozar

Postdoctoral Fellow


I am Navid Rahgozar, a researcher and engineer specializing in structrual & earthquake engineering. Currently, I am working on the piston-based self-centering braced frame under the supervision of Dr. Shahria Alam. My work has focused on various aspects of seismic performance assessment, structural optimization, and the design of innovative solutions for earthquake-resilient structures. Over the years, I have contributed to numerous publications and research endeavors that have advanced our understanding of seismic behavior and enhanced the seismic safety of built environments.

Some of my notable contributions include studies on loss assessment, quantifying seismic design parameters (R, Cd, Ω0), proposing practical design methods, developing reliable closed-form analyses, and assessing the post-earthquake functional recovery of innovative self-centering rocking cores. In addition to running several experimental tests on self-centering systems, I have experience in reliability-based seismic assessment and designing structures using established codes and frameworks, including ASCE 7, FEMA P-695, FEMA P-58, and ATC 183. 

I am committed to pushing the boundaries of earthquake engineering through my research and investigations into various aspects of structural response to seismic events. My goal is to contribute to developing safer and more resilient structures that can withstand the challenges posed by earthquakes. My publications in esteemed journals and my involvement in innovative projects underline my dedication to advancing earthquake engineering for the betterment of society.


Research Classification

Research Interests

Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics
Seismic Resilience
Design of Innovative Sustainable Structures

Research Options

I am available and interested in collaborations (e.g. clusters, grants).
I am interested in and conduct interdisciplinary research.
I am interested in working with undergraduate students on research projects.



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