Mahsa Khalili

Postdoctoral Fellow


As a member of the Canadians Saving Arrest Victims Everywhere (CanSAVE) Novel Biosensor project, Mahsa's research is focused on developing wearable technologies to detect out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest incidents. This work involves (1) designing wearable sensors to collect bio-signals associated with cardiac arrest conditions (e.g., electrocardiogram, breathing rate); and (2) using machine learning to identify appropriate combinations of collected bio-signals to detect a sudden cardiac arrest event. The outcome of this research may contribute to rapid recognition of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, which can summon bystanders and Emergency Medical Services to provide the required emergent life-saving interventions.



Research Classification

Research Interests

Wearable Technologies
Assistive technologies
Machine Learning

Research Options

I am available and interested in collaborations (e.g. clusters, grants).
I am interested in and conduct interdisciplinary research.
I am interested in working with undergraduate students on research projects.

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