Canadian Network of Law and Humanities

Law and Humanities is an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the cultural, literary, and imaginative aspects of law, without forgetting its ethical and political implications. As a field of research, law and humanities encompasses diverse areas of study, including law and literature, legal storytelling, law and film, law and language, critical race theory, feminist approaches to law, law and emotions, etc. In addition, law and humanities scholars seek to reflect on law as an embodied and sensorial practice and welcome experiential and creative pedagogies in the classroom, such as theatre-based teaching and the arts (painting, graphic novels, music, etc.).

The cluster in Law and Humanities is the first to propose the creation of a Canadian network of law and humanities. The network seeks to connect scholars working in this interdisciplinary field on a more permanent basis. Several aims animate this idea for a Law and Humanities cluster: to be a central catalyst for law and humanities research in Canada; to foster collaborative projects; to create a space where the community can share common resources to generate synergies for planning future events; and, to disseminate knowledge-relevant scholarship and teaching practices through its various media platforms. The main objective of the cluster is therefore to increase the visibility of law and humanities studies in Canada and to heighten the impact of the research being done.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Etxabe, Julen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Law and society; Literature and critical theory; History and philosophy of law and justice; Law and humanities; Legal Theory and Jurisprudence; Human Rights; Political Theory; Law and literature; Cultural Studies