Nestled in the beautiful Coast Mountains of south western British Columbia, the UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre provides state-of-the-art facilities for dairy education and research.

The Centre is internationally recognized as a world-class facility supporting the development and adaption of new technologies for the dairy industry in BC and beyond. Students from around the world contribute to the Centre’s rich international environment.

Developing an infrastructure supporting the Centre’s teaching and research activities continues with current emphasis on expanding on-site student housing and on building student scholarships.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Cerri, Ronaldo Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Animal and dairy sciences; Animal behaviour; Animal developmental and reproductive biology; Animal physiology; Agricultural Machinery and Technology; Animal Production; Animal Reproduction; Biotechnology and Activity monitors; Dairy cattle reproduction; Endocrine Regulation; Endometrium-conceptus cross communication; Estrous cycle physiology in cattle; Inflammation and stress; Production medicine in dairy cattle
von Keyserlingk, Marina Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) animal welfare,  ethics of animal use,  farm animals, dairy cattle welfare, Animal Welfare Behavior, housing and management and how these contribute to animal health and welfare of dairy cattle
Weary, Daniel Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Animal and dairy sciences; Animal welfare; Applied animal behaviour; Dairy cattle; Laboratory animals