Centre for Southeast Asia Research

The Centre for Southeast Asian Research (CSEAR) is one of five regional research centres in the Institute of Asian Research (IAR) at the University of British Columbia. Founded in July 1992, CSEAR is now located in the C.K. Choi Building. It is the only academic institution in Canada devoted exclusively to the study of Southeast Asia, and it carries on the rich legacy of the study of Southeast Asia at UBC.

The primary mandate of CSEAR is to act as a hub for all things Southeast Asia related at UBC. This includes supporting academic research and exchange, promoting a fuller understanding of Southeast Asia in Canada, and enhancing aspects of Canada-Southeast Asia relations.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
DiCarlo, Jessica Postdoctoral Fellow Human geography; Geography, anthropology; critical development studies; political ecology; China; infrastructure; Laos; Political economy