Centre for India and South Asia Research

The Centre for India and South Asia Research (CISAR) promotes interdisciplinary research related to South Asia, disseminating knowledge through seminars, lectures, and conferences. The Centre brings together faculty, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students, and the public with an interest in South Asia. It also seeks to create and promote institutional and scholar-to-scholar linkages between UBC and institutions in South Asia and beyond, and between UBC and South Asian communities in British Columbia. CISAR is part of the Institute of Asian Research within UBC’s School of Public Policy of Global Affairs.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Bedi, Robinder Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Counselling psychology; The Contextual Model of Counselling/Psychotherapy / Viewing Psychotherapy as a Cultural Practice; Counselling psychology disciplinary and professional issues; Counselling/psychotherapy in India; Counselling/psychotherapy/mental health with Punjabi/Sikh individuals
Hopewell, Kristen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Public policy; International Political Economy; international relations; international trade; Trade Policy; Global Governance; industrial policy; Development; emerging powers; China; India; Brazil; World Trade Organization (WTO); US-China relations
Mawani, Renisa Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Sociology; Colonial Legal History; critical theory; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Race and Racism; Time and Temporality
Murphy, Anne Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Asian history; Arts and Cultural Traditions; Religion; Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; cultural history; Early Modern Studies; Punjabi Studies; South Asian Studies
Ramankutty, Navin Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Natural environment sciences; Public administration; Public policy; Public security policy; Agriculture; Climate Changes and Impacts; Climate impacts; Environment and Society; Global food security; Land use change; Sustainable agriculture
Roosa, John Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Historical studies; Social Organization and Political Systems; Human Rights and Liberties, Collective Rights; Foreign Affairs; History of Indonesia
Shneiderman, Sara Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Social and cultural anthropology; Indigenous issues; Disaster response and preparedness; Citizenship; migration
Turin, Mark Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Anthropology; Cultural Institutions (Museums, Libraries, etc.); Lexicography and Dictionaries; Language Contact and Linguistic Changes; Language Rights and Policies; Language Interactions; Political Culture, Society and Ideology; Bella Bella; Bhutan; First Nations; Heiltsuk; Indigeneity; Nepal; Sikkim; Tibet
Zerriffi, Hisham Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Forestry sciences; Biomass (Energy); Energy Transformation and Energy Using; International development; Environment and Society; Ideological, Political, Economical and Social Environments of Social Transformations; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; energy poverty