Founded in 1992, the CCR is the University of British Columbia’s hub for academic research on China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and the greater Chinese-speaking world.

The Centre’s central mission is to promote Chinese research, broadly defined. UBC is fortunate to count among its faculty leading Sinologists (Chinese studies specialists), as well as researchers in fields such as forestry, law, business, and medicine whose research engages substantially with Chinese populations and territories. The Centre enhances UBC’s research capacities in these areas by supporting professional researchers and their students, as well as by hosting visitors from other institutions. The Centre also makes Chinese research accessible to the public through events, publications, and other forms of outreach.

The Centre for Chinese Research embraces the public mission of its host institution, UBC, by making research about China and the Chinese-speaking world available to the broader community.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Chiu-Duke, Josephine Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Asian history; History of Major Eras, Great Civilisations or Geographical Corpuses; Chinese and Taiwanese history; liberal democracy; political thought and institutions
Cui, Wei Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Law and legal practice; Taxation; Law; Social Organization and Political Systems; Chinese administrative law; Chinese legislative system; law and development; Law and political economy; tax and development; tax policy
Hopewell, Kristen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Public policy; International Political Economy; international relations; international trade; Trade Policy; Global Governance; industrial policy; Development; emerging powers; China; India; Brazil; World Trade Organization (WTO); US-China relations