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The University of British Columbia (UBC) is very pleased to receive applications from excellent Chinese scholars who will be applying for China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarships. UBC is one of the world's top universities with outstanding research facilities and faculty mentors. It is located in Vancouver, Canada—one of the most beautiful, cosmopolitan and diverse cities in North America.

There are three types of CSC scholarships that can be taken up at UBC:

1) Full Doctoral Student. (4 year scholarship to pursue PhD studies at UBC). The CSC scholarship provides $1600 per month and travel expenses. The UBC graduate program or research supervisor must agree to cover tuition costs plus an extra $800 per year for four years.

2) Visiting Doctoral Student ("Visiting Scholar"). (1 year scholarship for students who are currently registered in a PhD program in China to visit UBC for research purposes). The CSC scholarship provides $1600 per month and travel expenses. UBC provides no additional funding, unless agreed to by UBC research supervisor.

3) Postdoctoral Scholar. (3-12 month scholarship for individuals who hold a PhD degree to obtain further research training at UBC). The CSC scholarship provides $1600 per month and travel expenses. The UBC supervisor must agree to provide an additional $1300 per month.

Applying to UBC as a Full Doctoral Student

  1. Determine which doctoral program you’d like to apply to and visit their website to learn more.
  2. Collect the required transcripts and reference letters.
  3. Take an English proficiency exam, and ensure your test results are sent to the University of British Columbia (institution code: 0965)
  4. Investigate potential supervisors in the graduate program you intend to apply to. Many graduate programs recommend that before applying, you make contact via email with a faculty member in the department under whose mentorship you would like to study. This person may be able to support your application in the selection process.
  5. Apply online and arrange to have your transcripts and letters sent to the graduate program you are applying to. You must indicate on the application that you will apply for the CSC scholarship.
  6. Once you have received an offer of admission from UBC, apply to the CSC doctoral scholarship program via your current University in China. For more information, see:

Applying to UBC as a Visiting Doctoral Student ("Visiting Scholar")

  1. You must be a PhD student at a university in China to qualify as a Visiting Scholar at UBC for one year for research purposes.
  2. Review the UBC website and identify one or two UBC professors that you believe would be a good match for your research interests.
  3. Write a short summary of your research project or interests, and your reasons for wanting to come to UBC as a visiting doctoral student.
  4. Contact the professors via email and send your research summary. Ask whether he or she will accept you as a visiting student. Be sure to mention that you will be applying for a CSC scholarship to cover your expenses. The professor may ask you to send transcripts or letters of reference, or to provide TOEFL test results.
  5. If a supervisor agrees to accept you, they must send you a letter of invitation. Once you receive this letter, apply for the CSC visiting doctoral student scholarship via your current University in China. For more information, see:

Applying to UBC as a Postdoctoral Scholar

  1. You must hold a PhD degree.
  2. Identify opportunities at UBC. Please visit the UBC Faculty Careers webpage for links to current UBC openings within each faculty. Also, you may directly contact a faculty member with related research interests (even if there are no current postings in that area). Postdoctoral applications can be made directly to a specific faculty member(s). Be sure to mention that you will apply for the CSC postdoctoral scholarship.
  3. If a UBC supervisor agrees to hire you and cover the additional $1300/month stipend, they will begin the appointment process.  You will be provided with a letter of appointment which you may use to apply for the CSC scholarship through the CSC in China.
  4. For more information on applying and being appointed as a postdoctoral scholar at UBC, see:


If you require assistance from UBC, you may contact Mr. Brendan Morey in the Faculty of Graduate Studies or contact the graduate program to which you are applying.

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies at the University of British Columbia.

China Scholarship Council FAQ

How do I apply for the CSC scholarship?

You apply for the scholarship either through your current University in China, or directly to the CSC organization in China.  You do not apply to UBC for the scholarship and UBC itself does not award the CSC scholarship. 

I don’t have a Master’s degree. Can I still apply for a PhD program at UBC and receive the CSC scholarship?

Maybe. It may be possible for you to be admitted either directly to a PhD program, or to a “doctoral stream” program where you start in the Master’s and move to the PhD after 12-24 months without finishing a Master’s degree. Either option will make you eligible to hold a CSC. However, some UBC graduate programs require students to complete a Master’s prior to applying for a PhD. If that is the case, you cannot obtain a CSC for Master’s study. Check with the program you are interested in to find out more

Can I hold two major scholarships at the same time, e.g. one from UBC and also the CSC?

No. You can hold only one major scholarship at any given time.

Do I have a choice which scholarship to accept when I receive several scholarship offers?

No. UBC's scholarship policies require that you accept any external scholarships. If you decline an external scholarship, you lose eligibility for all UBC scholarships.

Can someone help me find a supervisor?

Maybe. It is best for you to contact potential supervisors directly by email to find out if they are accepting new students. Make sure to tell them that you may be a CSC scholarship winner. If you do not get a response, the Graduate Secretary in the specific graduate program may be able to help.