Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The MD program is not considered a graduate degree at UBC despite carrying Doctor in its name. Thus, the program is not administered by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Admission to the MD program resides with the Faculty of Medicine. Interested students should visit the MD program website for further information.



The University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Faculty of Medicine plays a critical role in training the health professionals of the future. Students in the accredited Doctor of Medicine (MD) undergraduate program have the opportunity to learn medicine at one of four geographically distinct program sites – the Island Medical Program (IMP), Northern Medical Program (NMP), Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (VFMP) and the Southern Medical Program (SMP) – where they gain invaluable training and mentoring from highly skilled clinicians.

With a strong focus on innovation, technology and patient-centred care, the MD program equips graduates with the knowledge, training and experience they need to meet the health care challenges of today and tomorrow.

The MD Undergraduate program is a four-year program. This is followed by a residency in a chosen or assigned specialization, which may take between two and seven years to complete.

Up to 10% of seats are reserved for out-of-province applicants. International students cannot apply to the MD program.


Geographic Restrictions

Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and persons with refugee status in Canada may apply to the program. We do not accept international students.


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