Recommendation for Advancement to Candidacy

Doctoral students must advance to candidacy within 36 months from start date or they may be withdrawn. Extension of this period may be permitted by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in exceptional circumstances. Graduate programs submit this form to confirm that a student has met candidacy requirements.

Graduate programs: Please enter the student’s supervisory committee in the Supervisory Committee screen in SISC before sending in the Advancement to Candidacy form. If you are sure the committee is final, please also click "Request for this committee to be approved".

When you click requesting approval, please IGNORE the following message: "You are about to request G+PS/CoGS to approve this student's committee. For UBCV programs, please ensure that you have submitted a candidacy or master's thesis approval form before requesting approval". The process has changed, and we will be asking for this message to be removed.

Instructions for using the Supervisory Committee screen are here:

  • Go to the bottom of any page on the G+PS website
  • Click on “Faculty and Staff Intranet”
  • Go to “Latest Updates” box on the left side of the page
  • Click on “Supervisory Committee Screen in SIS (GRAD-11)