Add/Remove Program Contact & Grad Program System Add/Change Access

Please download the appropriate form below to let the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies know about changes to graduate advisor and graduate staff contact information, and/or to request access for new faculty and staff to the online application.

UBCO faculty and staff: please contact Alicia Meehan at UBCO.

Add or Remove Program Contact Form (grad advisor or program staff):

Please use this form when there are any changes to graduate advisors or program staff in your program.

  • new graduate advisor or staff member
  • graduate advisor or staff member leaves the position
  • change to responsibilities, email address, phone number of graduate advisor or staff person

Submit form online

Grad Program Application System Add/Change Access Form:

Please use this form to request or revoke access to SynApps and eVision.

  • new faculty member needs access to evaluate admissions
  • remove access for faculty members or staff who no longer require it

Please use the Grad Program Application System Access Form INSTRUCTIONS to ensure the form is filled out correctly.