4YF Interruption Form

This form is intended for 4YF recipients who do not intend to apply for a corresponding leave of absence from UBC.

With the approval of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, it may be possible to interrupt a student’s 4YF payments for non-academic reasons that do not result in corresponding academic leave. An example of such a situation is when a student interrupts their 4YF funding for relevant work experience or to take up a MITACS Accelerate Internship, but do not take a corresponding academic leave from UBC. In these and similar circumstances, the original 4YF end date may be extended to account for some or all of the interruption in 4YF funding. Normally, however, such interruptions will be limited so that the revised 4YF end date does not extend beyond the fifth year of the recipient’s PhD program.

For details of the 4YF interruption policy, please see sections A.10. and A.12. in the 4YF Guidelines document available under “Further Information” at https://www.grad.ubc.ca/awards/four-year-doctoral-fellowship-4yf.